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Yang YL, Shen ZL, Zou Q, et al. Physostigmine-induced hypothermic response in rats and its relationship with endogenous arginine vasopressin.
2016-10-08     (点击: )
上一条:Xiaoping Li*, Rong Luo*, Wei Fang, Xiaolei Xu, Guodong Niu, Yixian Xu, Michael Fu, Wei Hua, Xiushan Wu. Effects of ventricular conduction block patterns on mortality in hospitalized patients with dilated cardiomyopathy: a single-center cohort study.
下一条:Xiaoping Li*, Rong Luo*, Chin-Pang Chan, Shu Zhang, Wei Hua. History of diabetes mellitus was not a predictor of all-cause mortality in dilated cardiomyopathy-Reply to the letter from Sahin O et al.

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